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About Us

Company Overview

Windsia is a system designer and integrator of solar lightings solutions, DC fans, water pumpings, small wind power and solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation system. Besides that, Windsia also markets energy saving appliances. It provides solutions from a wide range of applications in small and medium-sized electrical equipment to appliances. Forming alliances with technological partners in various engineering and power management fields, Windsia is focused in Southeast Asia, developing markets and businesses from major cities to the remote, rural and mountainous areas. As the world economic growth continues, there is a higher demand for energy, causing the rapid increase in the number of traditional type of power plants. On the other hand, the local government and people living in the remote and rural regions of the developing world face daunting challenges caused by the shortage of electricity. The environmental issues on greenhouse gases (GHG) effects are confronting the world we live in. Windsia strongly believes that wind and solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy that can help global power generation with renewable capability and mitigate the effects of GHG. Windsias wind and solar power system offers an affordable clean solution for people living in urban, rural and even isolated islands that need electricity for their daily lives.



Our mission is to provide wind and solar power system for generating affordable, clean and efficient power source to urban and remote locations in developing countries across Asia. We are committed to be a partner in global green house gas reduction efforts.



  • To become a leading system integrator and provider of small to medium wind and solar power system in Asia.
  • To have established operations network across Asia Pacific.
  • To be a provider of reliable products with excellent service to customers offering competitive price for energy users.
  • To be in the forefront in innovation and engineering advancement in the wind and solar power system technology through collaboration with technological partners and research institutions.





Windsia offers turnkey solutions for its customers to meet their electricity needs in the home, workplace or school. Be it at an urban, rural or highland location or even on remote off-shore islands, Windsia will deliver. 

We provide wind and solar energy as a main source of power generation and work with partners and counterparts around the world in tapping other clean technologies, such as bio-diesel and fuel cells, to offer a total solution. Technical evaluation for best efficient configuration will be done by our technical team before recommending a customer a solution plan.

Windsia provides a complete range of services for customers from feasibility studies at the exploration stage, project management once a project is confirmed to ongoing operational support and maintenance after completion of site installation.


We envisage that our service and support need to be near to customers to be accessible. Windsia's strategy in this aspect is to have technical operations located at strategic locations in key cities where we work with our strategic alliance partners locally. This achieves quality service over a wider region at local costs.



The wind turbines and solar photovoltaic incorporated in Windsia's system are carefully selected by our technical team. The products have passed through various evaluations and technical tests by accredited world bodies assigned to the wind and energy industries standards and specification certifications. International patents have been awarded to these products for its innovative and engineering design achievement.

With a unique engineering design in its auto brake control mechanism, the wind system is protected from being damaged, and risks are minimized to its surrounding assets when operating in severe weather conditions.

The components and modules used in the power electronic system are selected from makers with global reputation in engineering efficiency and reliability. Be it an inverter, battery or distribution cables; stringent evaluations and approval procedures on the components are carried out to ensure compliance to industrial safety and reliability standards.


Flat delivery fee of $5 for orders below $100. For bulk order please contact us at
Phone: +(65) 6634 1055
Mobile: 9232 8478
E-mail: inquire@windsia.com

About Us

Windsia is a system designer and integrator of innovative Renewable and Clean Power generation systems and also markets energy saving appliances like LED lightings and water pumps. Windsia provides solutions from a wide range of applications in small and medium-sized electrical equipment to appliances.

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